9 benefits of the AskREACH app for companies

05 / 06 / 2018

The AskREACH LIFE project features the development of a European database and a smartphone application (app) which will be interconnected. Article suppliers will be able to provide information about their articles regarding the presence of substances of very high concern (SVHC). Major companies have already expressed their interest and support for this.

The app will be adapted to all EU languages and EU citizens may use it in order to directly obtain information on SVHC from the database by scanning the articles’ barcodes. If the desired data are not yet available in the database, an information request can automatically be sent to the article supplier. Suppliers will be further assisted with another IT tool to facilitate communication on SVHC in the supply chain.

Supplier companies will be able to benefit from several functionalities the system will offer:

1. Consumers will have immediate access to article information, which means customer support will not have to deal with every individual consumer information request, thus saving time and effort for both parties.

2. Consumers will be solely informed of SVHC presence in the articles. Since sustainability does not relate only to SVHC absence, no “red lights” will be shown for SVHC-containing articles.

3. Additional information about articles can be provided for prospective customers.

4. Directions on the safe use of articles can be directly communicated to the customer for SVHC-containing articles.

5. Response templates for answering information requests will help to promptly fulfil obligations according to Art. 33 of the REACH regulation, with minimal effort.

6. SVHC article information can be uploaded in bulk in one step and updated easily when necessary.

7. Statistics will be available for the suppliers on searches and information requests submitted about their articles.

8. Supplier and article data will be fully amendable by the supplier and protected against access from third parties.

9. Reminder will be sent for information updates every time new substances are identified as SVHC.

Photo: https://pixabay.com

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