LIFE AskREACH aims at:

  • raising consumer awareness about substances of high concern (SVHC) in articles,
  • enabling consumers to make responsible purchasing decisions,
  • raising supplier awareness of their obligation to comply with REACH information duties,
  • improving the information flow on SVHC between consumers and suppliers, and
  • improving supply chain communication processes with the aim of substituting SVHC with safer alternatives.

During the project, a database will be developed which can be filled with information on SVHC in articles by article suppliers. The database will then be connected to a smartphone application (app) which consumers may use to obtain information on SVHC in articles. If the desired data are not yet available in the database, an information request is automatically sent to the article supplier. Suppliers will be assisted with another IT tool to facilitate communication in the supply chain.

The project includes large awareness-raising campaigns in all the participating countries, addressing consumers and companies. The campaign will also be replicated later in other EU countries which are not project partners.


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