AskREACH app launch shifted to November 2019

01 / 04 / 2019

The AskREACH consortium is closely monitoring the developments regarding the SVHC (substances of very high concern) database that the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) is to establish under the revised Waste Framework Directive (2018/851/EU). The AskREACH project aims to align with ECHA’s project as far as possible.

At its meeting in March, the consortium agreed to put back the launch of the AskREACH app to November 2019. This will make it possible to take into account any relevant developments over the coming months regarding the ECHA database.

A preliminary “soft launch” of the AskREACH app will  start in June. Field testers will visit shops, scan barcodes and send SVHC information requests to the article suppliers. At the same time, the AskREACH database and the supplier front end will be ready to receive data from article suppliers. The aim of the soft launch is to test the app and to prepare article suppliers for the rising numbers of consumer requests, also giving them an opportunity to upload their SVHC information to the database before the AskREACH app is officially launched across the thirteen participating EU Member States.


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