AskREACH company awards: winners and finalists

Congratulations to the AskREACH company awards winners! The AskREACH project is presenting the four finalists for two award categories.

In the framework of the AskREACH project, companies responded to an online survey and their answers were assessed and scored by the jury according to pre-defined selection criteria. The jury members are the AskREACH project coordinator (German Environment Agency, UBA), the coordinator of the campaign for companies, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology LIST, and representatives of the Danish Environmental Protection Agency and two NGOs, the Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia and ARNIKA, Czech Republic. Four finalist companies were contacted for further details about their operations.

Finally, two companies were selected to be awarded as “Most SVHC aware retailer” and “Best supply chain communicator”.  The jury has also nominated runners-up for each category due to the close scores.

For the category

“Most SVHC aware retailer”,

the winner is:

Cervera AB

For the category

“Best supply chain communicator”,

the winner is:

Abena A/S

Runner-up in this category is

Tchibo GmbH


Runner-up in this category is

VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co.KG


Congratulations to the winners for their efforts in communications about Substances of Very High Concern in articles!

The selection for the award was organised in accordance with the AskREACH project goals.

One of these goals is to raise awareness about the REACH information duties and especially to improve the information flow about SVHCs in articles not only along the supply chain (between retailers, importers, manufacturers, etc.) but also towards consumers.

An additional goal is to get in touch with companies and learn about the challenges they face when working to comply with their REACH Article 33 information duties and to improve supply chain communication processes. Ultimately, the project aims to increase the use of safer alternatives instead of SVHCs .

Information on the selection criteria: The jury established specific criteria to ensure the fair assessment of the responses from participating companies. The jury examined how chemicals are managed and how environmental and sustainability policies are implemented. The goal was to assess whether funds and human resources have been allocated for the implementation of such policies in order to address SVHCs in articles or to meet REACH communication obligations.

To learn more about the questions reviewed by the jury, the application form is still available in various languages HERE.

The project offers two types of awards.

  • For the supply chain category, the winner will receive a “one year iPoint licence”, which is a supply chain tool providing support with product compliance and sustainability.
  • For the winner of the retailer category, our project partners from the Sofia research group are providing “REACH compliance coaching” that will further assess the management systems in place to identify SVHCs in articles so as to improve these systems and increase their efficiency.
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