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How to fulfil your duty to know

LIFE AskREACH aims to test an innovative tool for the supply chain communication about SVHC in articles. The tool provides information to article suppliers on the exact extent of SVHC present in their articles, thereby putting them in the position to answer the consumers’ “Right to Know” requests. To this end, article specific data from the actual supply chains is collected and processed by a material data system (MDS). The project will not create a new tool but assesses available approaches and procures an existing tool, modified for the project needs. Benchmarking interviews with companies are defining the requirements as the basis for a formal procurement procedure. In 2019, tests of the tool with selected “pilot companies” and their supply chains will be launched. These will be free of charge and include training for the supply chain actors. In the current preparation phase article suppliers and other parties interested in participating in the benchmarking and piloting phases are welcome to contact us via
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