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Submit your article SVHC information to the AskREACH database!

Article suppliers can submit SVHC information on their articles to the AskREACH database via the supplier front end platform.

You can create your company account  in the platform by clicking the green button below or register here.

You may use the provided manual to help you guide through the AskREACH supplier front end.

For any questions related to the system, please contact



How to fulfil your duty to tell

LIFE AskREACH has developed a database for article suppliers and an associated app for consumers to be promoted and used throughout Europe.
With the app, consumers will be able to easily check the SVHC content of an article or create a request for SVHC information on any article they are interested in, leading to a substantial increase of information requests to the suppliers of articles.

As an article supplier, you will be able to provide the information on SVHC in your articles to the LIFE AskREACH database through the AskREACH supplier front end. The information will automatically be passed on to every consumer that checks one of your articles via the app. For articles without information in the database, an e-mail request is sent to the supplier each time a consumer asks for the information.

Your advantages

  • Define the correct e-mail address to which consumer SVHC requests are directed.
  • Upload the SVHC information for all your articles in one step.
  • All European consumer requests coming via the app are processed automatically – no workload for you concerning individual requests!
  • Customers receive your information immediately!
  • Provide additional information on your articles and their safe use.
  • Receive statistics on requests made.
  • Update the article information, when needed.


If you are interested in the AskREACH solutions, please contact us via For any technical assistance concerning the AskREACH solutions, please contact your regional administrator (contact details listed below).

Contact your regional administrator, if you need assistance with the AskREACH database

Bond Beter Leefmilieu
Zelena akcija / Friends of the Earth Croatia
Czech Republic
Arnika – Toxics and Waste Programme
The Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Danish Consumer Council
Baltic Environmental Forum-Estonia
Institut National de l´Environnement Industriel et des Risques
German Environment Agency (UBA)
Friends of the Earth Germany
National Observatory of Athens NOA
National Society of Conservationists - Friends of the Earth Hungary / MTVSZ
Baltic Environmental Forum-Latvia
Baltic Environmental Forum-Lithuania
Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology
Buy Responsibly Foundation
ZERO - Associação sistema Terrestre Sustentável
Alternativa za bezbednije hemikalije ALHem
Fundación Vida Sostenible
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