AskREACH web conferences for companies

01 / 04 / 2021

AskREACH runs information campaigns for companies in 15 participating countries. In national events, companies are informed about their information obligations concerning SVHCs in articles under the European Chemicals Regulation REACH. In addition, they can learn about the AskREACH project and are introduced to IT tools that can help them to comply with their obligations in an efficient way.

The free AskREACH database can also be used to provide consumers with information about the absence of SVHCs above 0.1% (w/w) in articles.

Some pilot companies are able to use an existing IT tool for supply chain communications without charge for the duration of the project.


The following events are planned next:

CountryDate, timeLanguagesWeb conference title, further information

14:00 CEST

French and EnglishAskREACH supplier platform – Your contribution to the ‘right to know’ of consumers.                                                             Further information and registration



09:30 CEST

PolishPytaj o chemię and AskReach for small companies.                Will soon be announced on Linkedin



10:00 CEST

GermanCompliance digital IV – Vereinfachte Unternehmenskommunikation zu SVHCs in Erzeugnissen. Further information and registration


Do you need information in English, or have you missed a live event? You can find presentations and recordings of recent company events on the website of the German Environment Agency:

DateLanguageWeb conference title, link
29.10.2020GermanCompliance digital II – Vereinfachte Unternehmenskommunikation zu SVHCs in Erzeugnissen
21.01.2021EnglishCompliance digital III – Simplified corporate communications about SVHCs in articles

Do you want to hear about upcoming events in your country? Contact your regional administrator!

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