1. You may use infographic for the registration to the AskREACH supplier front end
  1. in ENGLISH,
  2. in GERMAN,
  3. in FRENCH .
2. You can find additional assets such as Supplier front end manual or a bulk upload Excel template provided for companies in the framework of the LIFE AskREACH project behind THIS LINK. 

Presentations and recordings of recent company events:
DateLanguageWeb conference title, link
13.04.2021FrenchWebinar “Le règlement REACH & les articles” (REACH regulation & articles)
15.04.2021French and EnglishAskREACH supplier platform – Your contribution to the ‘right to know’ of consumers
17.06.2021FrenchWebinar "Substances préoccupantes dans le textile, comment mieux communiquer?" (Substances of concern in textiles, how to communicate better ?)
20.12.2021EnglishCompliance digital October 2021 – Simplified corporate communications about SVHCs in articles
10.03.2022GermanCompliance digital – Vereinfachte Unternehmenskommunikation zu SVHCs in Erzeugnissen
Do you want to hear about upcoming events in your country? Contact your regional administrator!                   
  1. Traceability of Chemicals in Products for a Non-Toxic, Resource-Efficient and Climate Neutral Circular Economy (High Level Summary Report).

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